Exploring the 5 senses: interview with Jamie Shelman

Exploring the 5 senses!

Jamie Shelman is going to be teaching a new class, called Exploring the 5 Senses which starts on 22nd August, and I caught up with her for a little chat about her class!

Tell us a bit more about this class Jamie! What inspired you to do this?
Art is about our ability to communicate sensory experience and while that most often takes the form of visual art, our sources of inspiration are note purely visual! By examining each of the 5 senses we become more aware of how we can interpret and incorporate a greater sensory experience!

Haven’t you always wondered how you could interpret the smell of your morning coffee, the texture of a Christmas tree, or the sound of that Great Horned Owl that hoots outside your window at night? This course is about pushing the boundaries and challenging yourself to interpret your art with a new sense!

What will I gain from this course?
New ideas! Connections! Support. A new community of artists to share and express your ideas and share your art! Valuable feedback and insight on how others see and interpret your work. 5 new works of art created entirely by you! New ways of seeing and expressing who you are and what you love (or hate, or fear, or smell, or hear etc etc!) using your 5 senses as inspiration.

Why the 5 senses?
As an artist you already have a heightened sense of awareness or sensitivity to your surroundings or intuitive self, however your ability to communicate can often become jumbled or confused, you’re left frustrated and wondering why that landscape you were so passionate about painting came out looking so bland or how the energy you felt from a certain piece of music could fall so flat in your drawing. Usually we try to tackle too much at once! By isolating each sense we’ll be able to better focus and clarify what it is you’re trying to say with your art!

What do I need to take this course?
An open mind! Course assignments are structured to get you thinking creatively and develop new ways of interpreting your art! It helps to be open to new ideas and ways of approaching how you make your work. Time! Commitment. Assignments are posted at the beginning of each week and are expected to be completed by the following Sunday. Be prepared to set aside ample time to devote to your work, and to your fellow classmates! Make this course strong by being present, active and engaged. Share your joy of making art with others.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to highlight about the class?
This course is all about sensing, doing, making, not so much thinking. Clear themes and ideas will be presented with each assignment to get you started and considering what you really love to paint/draw/express! I will be available throughout the course and will be checking in daily if you have questions, concerns, feel stuck or just need more input! This is a fun, encouraging environment where you can be yourself and feel free to share who you are!

{Thanks Jamie!}

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