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Amy Ng more info

Amy Ngmore info

Hello, my name is Amy Ng (pronounced hng (silent h), and I’m the editor and founder of Pikaland. I’ve been in the publishing and PR industry for a total of 7 years – my first love is illustration, with design trailing a close second. I love…

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Hi! I’m Kim Welling, an illustrator, designer and art teacher from the Netherlands.

I used to be a fashion designer but loved drawing so much that I became an illustrator and have been ever since 2007. My favorite illustrations are the ones…

Michelle Fifis more info

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Michelle Fifis is a textile design expert who consults with manufacturers and designers to create lucrative print collections. She runs the blog PATTERN OBSERVER and aims to support, inspire and promote those in the textile/ surface design w…

Jamie Shelman more info

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Jamie Shelman is a painter, artist, cat fancier, and cycling fanatic. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with studies abroad in Rome, Italy and Sydney College of the Arts, Australia. She currently lives with her hu…

Alexandra Hedberg more info

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Alexandra Hedberg is a Swedish artist exhibiting frequently and making huge public commissions – not having any bread job but occasionally guest teaching screen printing, which she loves. In 2009, having made a living as an artist for 5 yea…