The Sellable Sketch: Developing an Irresistible Surface Design Collection

Michelle Fifis

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The Sellable Sketch is now a self-study class!

In The Sellable Sketch you’ll learn:

  1. What elements lead to a successful print collection
  2. The importance of staying true to your artistic style and the 3 steps to discovering your style
  3. How to pick appropriate trends and inspiration sources for your target market
  4. How to develop a print from sketch to digital file in both Illustrator and Photoshop (with updates for Adobe C6!)
  5. Tips and trick to developing a print color palette
  6. The common mistake that designers make when developing print coordinates

This course was designed for passionate designers who:

  1. Want to learn how to turn a sketch into a sellable print collection
  2. Need help discovering or rediscovering their personal style
  3. Are unsure how to target their ideal customer
  4. Simply need a boost to their business and a systematic way of working season after season

When you register for The Sellable Sketch you’ll get:

  • 5 downloadable tutorials which you can work through with every new collection you create!
  • Lesson One: Finding Your Style (10:00)
  • Lesson Two: Know Thyself, Know Thy Consumer (13:24)
  • Lesson Three: The Backbeat (11:41)
  • Lesson Four: Your Moneymaker Print
    a. Introduction (8:11)
    b. Creating Your Document in Illustrator (2:05)
    c. Developing Your Color Palette using Adobe Kuler (3:10)
    d. Using Image Trace in Illustrator (7:00)
    e. Using the Pen, Pencil & Brush Tools in Illustrator (7:48)
    f. Print Layout in Illustrator (8:53)
    g. Preparing Your Illustrator File for Sale (4:14)
    h. Quick Start Guide to Preparing A Hand-Painted Design for Sale in Photoshop (6:23)
    i. Preparing Your Sketch in Photoshop (5:50)
    j. Print Layout in Photoshop (6:08)
    k. Using Filters in Photoshop (5:36)
    l. Indexing in Photoshop (10:15)
  • Lesson Five: Print Coordinates (7:01)
  • The Sellable Sketch Workbook
  • A copy of The Sellable Sketch Resource Guide, which includes a list of my favorite books, web tools, printers and studio databases
  • A copy of The Sellable Sketch Next Steps Guide. This guide is a goldmine and includes 30 action steps to boosting your surface design business!
  • Access to The Sellable Sketch Linkedin group. This a member’s only group, which allows for a lifetime of support, guidance, feedback and networking.

What is not covered in this course:

  • Repeats. To learn repeat essentials please check out The Ultimate Guide to Repeats
  • Marketing. To learn how to market yourself and grow your textile design business please check out Building Your Textile Design Business
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Basics. If you are interested in expanding your adobe skills I encourage you to learn at This is one of the top photoshop and illustrator training resources out in the market. The tutorials are easy to follow, high quality and very affordable!
  • Art Licensing – If you are interested in learning how to license your artwork, Tara Reed’s ebooks are informative and well worth the investment.

Once you click on the “Register” link, you’ll be brought to Michelle’s website where you can enroll in the Sellable Sketch class directly!

Beginner to intermediate skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.
Drawing skills required!

I’m based in London/USA/Africa – can I still follow the class?
If you have an internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you’re based! The class is wholly conducted online!

Can I download the videos?
Yes, all the videos and materials are available for download so that you can follow it at your own pace.

How do I get in touch with Michelle and my classmates after the class ends?
Michelle has started a LinkedIn Group for members of the Sellable Sketch, so you’ll still be able to keep in touch!

Both of Michelle’s courses were so fun and easy to follow along. The Sellable Sketch course was especially good for me as it really stretched me and got me thinking along new lines and opened up so much to me that I didn’t know about or realize before. The course was attended by a really diverse range of people with very different levels of experience in the textiles industry – we all learnt so much from each other as well as from Michelle, who is such a great teacher. One of the nicest things upon completing this course is knowing that we now have a strong network of friends to support and guide us along our paths to achieving success in the surface design world! Thank you to Michelle for her courses and to Amy for her wonderful idea to share arts education across continents!
~ Sandra

The Sellable Sketch Class is one of the best class that I have ever taken. I learned so much from the very first video that was posted! Michelle did such a wonderful job of answering my endless questions and giving really meaningful feedback – both was such a huge help to me.
~ Joy

Michelle brings a focused approach to creating a collection: understanding your style, your customer, and industry trends. She shares her years of experience while leading you through the process. I now feel more confident in my design work and have a great collection to show for it. Thanks, Michelle!
~ Nan

Michelle’s class was exactly what I was looking for – guidance from an industry professional. The technical information was well organized and explained in a way that I could understand. Thank you for offering this course!
~ Michelle

This was my first online class experience and I thought it was fantastic. I learned a lot and met a fabulous group of people from all over the world!
~ Jamie

The Sellable Sketch course with Michelle Fifis was just what I needed. If you are a print designer or an illustrator interested in print design and wondering how to get a portfolio collection together or launch a freelance career this course will point you in the right direction.Each lesson is very clear and thorough. Michelle is a very generous teacher, providing lots of helpful extras and personal attention. I only wish this course could have been longer!

~ Chris

A really amazing workshops for anybody considering a textile career, I would highly recommend.

~ Tracy

Camp Pikaland… fun! Sellable Sketch class… AMAZING! Anyone looking to learn more about the textile industry should take this class. I learned about the business side of things as well as grew as an artist. Michelle Fifis is knowledgeale and professional. And the community that you are a part of is wonderful. I’m happy I dove in and took The Sellable Sketch class.
~ Rachel

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Michelle Fifis is a textile design expert who consults with manufacturers and designers to create lucrative print collections. She runs the blog PATTERN OBSERVER and aims to support, inspire and promote those in the textile/ surface design w…